Removal of kidney stones. Cleavage of calculi in the kidneys

Removal of kidney stones. Cleavage of calculi in the kidneys

Dissolution of stones in the gallbladder, a question that has long worried many who are faced with such a disease as gallstone disease, and for many years have been trying to find the right remedy in the fight against this ailment. What method is the most effective, and the most effective of all, is a question around which doctors and folk healers are still discussing. So, like doctors, they offer patients conservative drug and surgical treatment, and traditional healers, adherents of traditional folk treatment with herbal remedies, healing herbs and decoctions.

And, since each of us is individual, and the development, course and degree of the disease are different among themselves, in each individual case, then the dissolution of stones in the gallbladder should be approached individually.

In addition, this procedure, taking into account the specifics and characteristics of this disease, in order not to cause trouble, should be carried out under the direct supervision of a gastroenterologist.

The disease, which can be asymptomatic in many patients, often forces them to seek medical attention only in clinical cases when hepatic colic begins. Therefore, the number of methods to combat this disease is reduced to a minimum, sometimes leaving no choice. Therefore, at the slightest discomfort, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to start treatment in a timely manner and prevent unwanted consequences.

And, if you have stones in the gallbladder, but they do not cause much concern, then you can try to carry out the procedure for dissolving stones in the gallbladder using a certain diet, using herbal remedies and changing your lifestyle. That, in some cases, is effective. Alternatively, try medication with drugs containing acids, which can help lower cholesterol in bile, stunt growth and reduce stones.

But, before starting this procedure, you should know that the indications for the dissolution of stones in the gallbladder are that the age of stones in your body should not exceed three years, otherwise the likelihood of a successful procedure decreases. The size of calculi should not exceed 30 mm, and their location should not be in the bile ducts. Until now, it was believed that only cholesterol stones should be dissolved. With the appearance of the drug Bilirum on the market, the features of this drug were noticed in that it is capable of acting on all types of calculi. Its unique composition is capable of dissolving 30 mm calcates.

In addition, there are a number of contraindications in which the procedure for dissolving stones in the gallbladder is highly undesirable. They are: pregnancy and diabetes, acute inflammatory liver diseases. And do not forget that this procedure can take from several weeks to a year. And during this period, compulsory adherence to the diet is recommended.