It has an antiseptic effect, regulates phosphorus-calcium metabolism, water-salt and acid-base balance in the kidneys, has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action. The drug promotes the regulation of metabolism, corrects the immune system, exhibits adaptogenic and antioxidant properties.

Kidney and bladder disease
Urolithiasis (all types of stones)

The drugs "Biliurin" and "Bilirum" are produced in limited quantities. The drugs are not distributed through the pharmacy and distribution network, are certified, do not have any hormonal or chemical compounds.

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Ukrainian professors in the fight against urolithiasis have developed a unique drug "Biliurin", which has no analogues today! The difference in the action of this drug, from already known to all "analogues", such as: "Urolesan", "Uroholum", "Prolit", "Antilit", "Kanefron", etc., lies in the fact that it (action) is directed to restore water-salt, acid-base and phosphorus-potassium metabolic processes in the kidneys and throughout the body as a whole. In other words, "Biliurin" restores kidney function, creates an unfavorable environment for all types of stones (urates, phosphates, oxalates and calcianates). Thus, the process of restoring the chemical composition of urine is underway, and the stones gradually begin to split. If kidney cysts are present, then, as a consequence of the restoration of kidney tissue, the cysts will gradually "dissolve". It should be noted that the drug "Biliurin" is not a diuretic like many other drugs and drugs, but acts on the stone loyally, which avoids seizures, movement and stuck stones in the ureter. The stone is "washed off" layer by layer and is broken down to a fraction of fine sand, painlessly excreted from the body in a natural way.

Recommended for use in treatment and prevention:

kidney and bladder disease (urolithiasis (all types of calculi), kidney cysts, pyelonephritis, cystitis, etc.)


high molecular weight extract of ruberitric acid from madder roots (20%), high molecular weight extract of flavonoids, tannins and resinous substances from steel roots (20%), high molecular weight inulin from Jerusalem artichoke (20%), extract from knotweed root, extract from root, and licorice rhizomes from parsnip root, from chicory root, currant leaves. The composition is rich in essential oils, flavonoids, organic acids, silicic acid in order to improve the functioning of the genitourinary system.


Depending on the pathological picture of the disease, the dosage can be: 1) Standard dosage (1 capsule - morning, 1 capsule - lunch, 1 capsule - evening. Take 20-30 minutes before meals); 2) Increased dosage (2 capsules - morning, 2 capsules - lunch, 2 capsules - evening. Take 20-30 minutes before meals). The duration of taking the drug depends on the nature of the pathological process.


pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 12 years old.

Side effects:

not identified


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